Customer Affinity Program and Food Management Platform At its core, SoundsGood is a revolutionary customer affinity program and recommendation service that records consumer purchases and suggests meals based on the ingredients in their home. This core service offers a world of potential opportunities for both grocery stores and shoppers alike. Consumers are recommended meals based on the items in the cabinet, their dietary goals, taste preferences, and eating habits. Recorded purchases will be stored in the user?s cabinet, allowing the user to easily identify items that they have, and items that they may need to make recipes. For grocery retailers, SoundsGood provides a revolutionary marketing platform. The data that is driven from users on the mobile application and website is organized and packaged into the SoundsGood Business Intelligence Tool. The SoundsGood BI tool gives retailers a "live-look" into consumers kitchens and allows grocery stores to create revolutionary customer specific marketing campaigns.
Member count: 1-10