Micro-location marketing software and b2c apps for any plaform/any device We are building marketing-location software to fuel customer information to their proximity mobile apps. Anytime, anyplace, any device. We focus retail, health and banking. Other possible markets: public transportation, airlines and hotels. Software can run in various virtual machines allowing to scan for smart phones within the Bluetooth range, obtain information (e.g. next estimated arrival times via GPRS) and send them to the user mobile apps (across platforms) via Bluetooth (incl. iBeacon). Example of customers: in-store customers, patients, people-on-the-move. Product include also apps on central tablet allowing managers to control (micro location customer management) their daily marketing offers. Product is an integrated solution of IBM Worklight, Beacon hardware and mobile apps. The result are unique proximity service to be consumed by a SMS service or any mobile app. This software project is very confidential and is one of my companies internal R&D project.
Member count: 1-10