MicroApp is a functional micro-component of an app which can mimic any native app that you find on AppStore / PlayStore. This MicroApp has minimal functionality and can serve the context of users on different publishers. These are most commonly referred as "in-apps or in-app affiliations". (We extended our definition from microapps.org) Appfly.IO is the platform for businesses to expose their services in the form of MicroApps. Our platform is capable of building and streaming MicroApps onto any publisher app based on context and intent of the user. We built an IDE where one can design micro-apps with ease, and deploy them to any publisher contextually on demand. "No update of SDKs or apps needed to change the flow or interface of MicroApps". These micro-apps are completely native and are completely dynamuc, and it gives a hassle-free experience to the user as we are avoiding multiple layers of context switching between apps.
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