SaaS all-in-one home business management app for Direct Sellers AppSell is a pre-designed app technology that direct selling companies can adopt and brand as their own - free of charge - and release to their Resellers and Customers on the conventional Apple and Google Play app stores. The functionality includes: PRODUCT PROMOTION; our e-catalogue replaces traditional paper catalogues, enabling: - Resellers to promote products to individual Customers or widely across social media channels, anytime and anywhere. - Customers to easily send their order to their Reseller through the app. WORK MANAGEMENT & ANALYSIS; error prone homemade tools are replaced by AppSell's integrated order tracking and management pages. The app consolidates and reviews all captured sales data to help Resellers identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. AND FOR BRANDS; consolidating captured transaction and Customer data enables brands to target individual Customers with the right discounts and promotion at the right times.
Member count: 1-10