Applied Bioplastics
Affordable Plant-based Plastics We create plant-based polymers that are similar in price and properties while reducing the amount of virgin petrochemicals used. This creates less plastic pollution and CO2 emissions to foster a healthier planet. Our first product is a thermoplastic that is 30% plant fiber. This feedstock is used to injection mold hard plastic items such as phone cases, toys, tool casings, furniture, and containers. Our second product is a thermoset resin that is similar to fiberglass but based on plant fiber. It is light, strong, fire-resistant, durable, and sound-dampening. It can be used as siding or roofing for temporary shelters or as decorative material for custom homes and commercial spaces. Both products are market-ready and in production. We have several other applications in development as we seek to permeate the polymer industry with materials that are better and more sustainable than traditional petrochemical-based polymers.
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