Mobile Paid App Rental Service Platform(Netflix for paid Apps) is a mobile application marketplace for consumers, developers and the play store. Consumers are left with reluctance in experiencing paid applications as the application store offers discuoruing limited return and refund policy. This thwarts consumers from downloading the paid applications. AppFaFa offers affordable rental membership options under $10, ranging from $4.95 to $9.95 for 5 applications to 15 applications of consumer?s choice to experience before purchasing a full paid applications. No regrets and no commitment before buying the apps. Get the full taste of paid applications at minimal cost before deciding to download for 30 days. For developers, limited marketplace to channel the product has been a challenge. AppFaFa is the marketplace for promoting the product and generating awareness and demand for developers? products. AppFaFa will be the ultimate marketplace platform for developers to reach the consumers outside the application store.
Member count: 1-10