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What is Appdominals? Appdominals is a fitness app unlike any other. Our app will transform your abdominal muscles into a defined six-pack. Making use of a wide range of professional fitness plans, Appdominals will get you targeting your lower Abs, oblique’s and upper abs like never before. These plans have been developed and refined over the course of a decade in the fitness industry. The problem with other fitness exercise apps is that you don’t always know if you’re performing the exercises properly. Descriptions and photos provide a rough guide but they can’t compare to seeing the exercise in action. Through our 3D visualizations, now not only can you see the exercises being performed, you also have full control to view the exercise from any angle you like. You’re even able to zoom in for a closer inspection. In combination with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, Appdominals will give you a home body workout that will actually compare with professional hands-on instruction from a trainer at the gym. Appdominals takes fitness and exercise to the next level. Start training today. FEATURES - Over 60 proven exercises focused on the six-pack - Exercises and trainers for both men and women - Unique 3D visualizations help you perform each exercise perfectly - Full control over zoom and rotation of 3D visualizations - No expensive equipment necessary - Share your progress with in-app Before and After photo tracking - New fitness plans and exercises added regularly - Available in the Appstore and Google Play
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