Coller Social Notes, Explore places around you Coller is an app that gives us a possibility to communicate with the help of social notes, get benefits and be useful to many other people. It's very simple: you are leaving your notes and can read the notes of other people. Wherever you are, just open the Coller and it will show the notes of other people around you on the map in the real time. These can be private ads for buying or selling, renting, or your real estate search. With Coller application you can find a companion for jogging, bicycle rides, or even your soul mate! Coller can also be used for the business activities to leave the information about yourself and broaden your contacts. For your comfort we created several categories for an easy search of the information that?s interesting to you: - Looking for friends with the same interests - Dating - Buy/Sell/Exchange - Lost/Found - Business offers - Other