Apparel Online Mall
Simplified Online Shopping for Africans Apparel Online Mall is a state of the art technology that centralize online clothes shopping by putting online clothing shops in one area. It allows the customers to search for a particular item from multiple shops with one search and be able to buy from different shops at the same time. And be able to track their shipments from one platform. It mirrors a real life mall because it allows multiple validated online shopping websites to be on one area and be easily accessible by many customers Apparel Online Mall is a platform that centralise these websites just like a real life mall. It also allows buyers instant access to thousands of verified online shops in an instant. Up to this point there has not been a platform where independent shops and boutiques can safely and instantly get access to millions of customers. And where customers can have instant access to tens of thousands of shops that sell different clothes, at different prices.
Member count: 1-10