The metadata layer from, built on Node.js Minted.IO recreates the metadata layer from the platform, but using the Node.js ecosystem. We are not a CRM, nor a vertical-market app, nor a user experience. We provide the broad platform layer that other companies build apps and experiences upon. We are database agnostic, industry agnostic, and focused purely on being the indispensable layer in between. Our initial focus is on the startup community, focusing on app builders who don't have the technical depth or expertise to build out broad engineering functionality early on, but who want to avoid technical debt and choose to go with an existing platform (Minted.IO). Our platform provides out-of-the-box functionality for a substantial subset of MVP architectural requirements, and does so without dictating specific databases or storage needs. Future focus will be on approaching ISVs to add packages to the core platform, and who can license their own IP out to our customer base.
Member count: 1-10