Find Local GmbH (saya app)
Germany's answer to WeChat hoomn functions like a public bulletin board with an integrated private chat. Users post questions or needs which are visible to others within a radius around them. By tapping on a post the user enters a private chat window where he can get in contact with the post creator. An additional feature is the possibility to mark chat messages as ?top answers?, which will be visible on the public bulletin board. Since the app works anonymously and without registration, people are able to use it instantly after they download it. hoomn is a better alternative to local Facebook groups because it is hyper local, optimised for mobile usage and anonymous. People can find answers to questions that are highly localised and very specific in a very quick and easy way. Some posts by our users: 1. Anyone who wants to go Nordic walking with me on Saturdays? 2. Suggestions on where to go partying with 2 friends next Wednesday? 3. My computer is has gone crazy. Any tips or a nice IT guy who can help out?
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $825K