App-Ray - Mobile Security
We scan apps to find threats to your personal and corporate data App-Ray is a fully automated security analysis tool designed to find security issues, privacy breaches and data leaking potentials in smart device applications. With the static and dynamic analysis functions, it is capable of identifying any kind of malicious activities, spying activities, hidden voice recording, silent calls, background data leaks, insecure communications, SSL-flaws and many more. This makes App-Ray a very powerful tool for: - developer companies, to discover weakpoints, help to fix them and to implement best practices, - all the companies who need their mobile environment to be secured, preventing corporate data to be at risk or being leaked, - telcos and enterprise or private app store operators to prevent them from distributing unsafe apps. One of the best features is that App-Ray does not require source code in order to operate. Its built-in reverse engineer tool helps you to discover where exactly the problem is originated and how it should be fixed.
Member count: 11-50