Seduce who you see, who you want Design the dating process Why use online dating ? It's full of fake profiles, it's tracking you with geolocation and the first contact is always virtual. Why use it when you cross thousands people a day ?! But trying to break the ice is so hard. We help people to seize the opportunity of every day. How ? By making the meeting process easier, simpler and faster ! Just imagine a tool that allows you, in 2 seconds, to get in touch with a person (unknown or not) and to give the possibility to that person to contact you back. That's Apollonia. A card (no, a key of opportunities) which help us to connect us in the real life. Simple and fast, just slide the card behind your smartphone and you are instantly on our app, on the profil of the person who gave you the card. So fast, so original, so people will not be the same again ! No geolocation, no personal data, no fake profile, no phone number... Just the real life. Say that the flirt can be virtual is oxymoronic !