A-Plus E-Learning

Enabling academic excellence through e-learning A-Plus E-Learning aims to provide students at both the Junior and Senior High School levels with tablets pre-installed with our E-Learning application. This application consist of video lessons administered by professionally qualified teachers with years of experience teaching these courses under their belt. These include Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, French and Information and Communication Technology. Students also have access to 100,000+ questions to try their hands on. These questions are put into both quiz and theory forms. Students are able to try their hands on the quiz questions and be graded automatically to test their knowledge. A timed quiz also allows students to have a feel of an examination environment. It also includes past questions from 1990 to date in both theory and quiz forms. This enables students to try their hands on these questions and be graded automatically by the system.
Member count: 1-10