A parallel derivative market to invest or to hedge in the art market AopDex (Art Objects, Paintings & Derivatives Exchange) is our latest tech venture that provides consumer an online parallel derivative market to either invest in well-known artworks, to hedge existing art investments or simply to short an artist's over-priced valuation. Anybody who has the minimum amount of money of a few thousand dollars to open an account will be able to express an opinion and a position of a well-known artist's artworks. The valuation of those high-priced artworks will for the first time be decided by a market which is composed of millions of small investors and billionaires alike, rather than by simply a handful of the latter. With the new abilities to hedge, institutional investors will for the first time be able to invest in the art market while fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. A parallel sister venture is focused on the fractional ownership of artworks through an innovative new product called Farjao offered at farjao.com.
Member count: 1-10