Powering the global Silicon Valley AlwaysOn was founded by Tony Perkins, one of Silicon Valley?s top media entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Since 2003, AlwaysOn has produced over 50 live "Powerfests" connecting CEOs, investors, and strategic partners. AlwaysOn is now launching an online community?"A Socialized Bloomberg for the Global Silicon Valley"?where entrepreneurs, executives, and investors drive the value by connecting, sharing, and engaging. Members enjoy unparalleled personalization of news, recommendations, and analytics, a powerful networking system, and elegant UI design. Members can showcase their expertise and build a reputation by blogging and commenting in a qualified market of powerful people. 98% of AlwaysOn?s content is generated by the crowd or its analytics engine, and most revenues comes from membership subs under a ?freemium? model. Free members enjoy personalized news, blogging, and social networking. Paid members gain greater connection and search power, and deeper data and analytics.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1M

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