Visit anymaclinic.com Anyma's mission is to ease suffering through technology driven experience. Anyma Clinic is a psychiatry simulation technology that allows learners to practice their clinical interviewing skills, diagnose and treat virtual patients with real diagnoses. Targeting healthcare providers across disciplines, Anyma allows trainees to get real time feedback about the quality of their diagnostic interview. The platform is built on a patent pending technology called the Modular Narrative. The interactions our users have with their patients inside the simulation are dynamic, natural, and completely flexible. The questions asked, and the diagnoses and treatments ultimately chosen inform not just performance as measured by our Anyma Rank, but also how patients progress over multiple sessions. Learning Objectives ● To grow user depth and breadth of experience through virtual exposure to a full range of mental illnesses. ● To challenge providers to accurately diagnose patients and support diagnoses evidence. ● To test providers ability to effectively treat patients with FDA approved and commonly prescribed pharmacological options. ● To reinforce vital best practice safety assessments such as risk, side effect and addiction screening. Anyma was founded by Jennifer Dore, MD, her husband Blair and longtime friend Amrith Ravi. Blair, a current Googler and graduate of Amherst College and Columbia Business School, serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Dore, a board certified psychiatrist and Adjunct Clinical Instructor at Stanford in Psychiatry who graduated AOA from New York Medical College, developed the patient assessment model and the didactic mission of the Anyma simulation and serves as the company’s Chief Medical Officer. Amrith, a Columbia MBA is the company’s Chief Business Officer. The executive team is also joined by Dave Whittaker, the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering.
Founded date: 2014