Приложение Antresol - классные вещи от реальных людей

Flea market app We build mobile marketplace for p2p shopping. It's a platform where users can discover beautiful things from real people nearby. If you want to sell stuff it takes only 30 seconds to post ad. You just take a picture, choose price and write a short description. Currently we work on the Ukrainian market. We plan to launch app in Western Europe and USA. Our market is online classifieds. Zenith Optimedia, a global advertising research firm forecasts the global online classified market to grow to over $14 billion by 2015. Average annual revenue of one online classified site in Western Europe is $150 million and it's growing 20% yearly. We aim to curate content. We hide those sellers who have bad photos and incomplete descriptions. On the next step we plan to personalize content for users. We require users to register via their Facebook accounts to reduce fraud and add a degree of authenticity. We focus on individuals to create a special atmosphere of flea market.
Member count: 1-10