Antavo Loyalty Management Platform
What Makes Antavo Different? - Strong in-store focus: Most loyalty solutions on the market only focus on eCommerce. In addition to strong eCommerce capabilities, Antavo offers a variety of in-store technologies, including the Mobile Wallet and the Loyalty Experience Kiosk. - Encourage valuable behavior: Share your values and establish long-lasting brand love by rewarding customers for a wide variety of interactions, such as recycling, interacting with your products, writing reviews, or referring friends. - Experiential rewards and exclusivity: Offer customers an unforgettable loyalty experience: set up VIP clubs, create high-end incentives to encourage brand engagement, and enable hyper-personalized communication with behavioral mechanics.
Location: United Kingdom, London
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +44 20 3954 6353
Total raised: $1.8M

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