Luxury fashion brand ANNA MORGUN The brand ANNA MORGUN gives women the opportunity to feel oneself as a real lady who always remains in the spotlight. Feminine, elegant silhouettes by ANNA MORGUN - is a personal style, as a piece of art. They help their owners to reveal themselves and create a unique form. The brand is created on the principle of "Noble luxury". Mission - to emphasize the femininity and elegance of modern emancipated ladies. Since the foundation of ANNA MORGUN, the creative team of the brand employs highly qualified specialists, headed by the president and designer Anna Morgun. A woman in clothes by ANNA MORGUN is an exquisite, confident person, with an exceptional sense of dignity. Her style, as well as her history - she creates by herself. She understands that the first impression is once created, and it must be impeccable, as her outfit.
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