Angular Startup
The worlds first injectable incubator for young startups Angular Startup is the world's first injectable incubator, working with recently funded companies to improve their chances of success 6 months to 2 years after initial funding rounds. We will de-risk the hiring process for new startups while helping them to solidify their tech stack, test and optimize new financial models, and improve their user acquisition strategies. We are building an "A-Team" of innovators and rock stars in the startup world. This will give us the ability to inject a team into a young company that is guaranteed to give them a larger chance of success, without the need to fight tooth and nail to hire them out of companies with a large supply of "golden handcuffs." We work on a vastly different payment model, where we take a mixture of bi-weekly installments, and equity in the company. This equity is transferred to our team working on your product, based on a percentage of total time worked.
Member count: 1-10