Not-for-Profit Creative Consultancy EONYO was a Creative Consulting project which lasted for it's predetermined project duration of 12 months. I worked side by side with, artists, designers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and engineers picking at their inner creative selves which they felt they had lost along the treacherous path of business begginings or just felt never had. The internet is dodggy in the initial stride of small startups these days, especially those which are family oriented or comprised of less than a dozen people. I made Eonyo's central target group couples, primarily spouses who were trying to avoid any form of fallout in the beggining stages of their endeavors in this seemingly new digital industry. I offered everything I was proficient in from branding and strategy to more creative solutions when money got tight. All in all, my first time pledge, micro-strategy, consulting startup was an enormous sucsess and I encourage anyone with the capabilities at hand to attempt somthing of this nature.
Member count: 1-10