Crowdsourced angel investment data AngelLeak gives entrepreneurs the intel on investors using crowdsourcing and algorithms to produce unique insights. Its the Tripadvisor for investors. Read reviews and ratings about investors. Reviews can be left anonymously or from actual accounts, and will be verified. Find out if an investor is: 1. Subject matter expert on a particular topic 2. Tough on valuation? 3. Do they add value? 4. Do they waste your time? 5. Do they act fast? The problem with existing websites like AngelList and LinkedIn is that they always have "great" reviews. No one will leave a critical or bad review. Our moonshot vision is that we can be the moneyball on investors. For example, we could determine how many startup investments did an investor make that led to Series A round? The name is a combination of AngelList and WikiLeaks. AngelLeak is a movement. #KeepLeaking
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