Paradigm-Changing, Holistic, General-Purpose DB Platform AngelBase? is a new, general-purpose database platform, as well as IT applications created/running on that platform. AngelBase will holistically transform the $390-billion IT industry with a storybook metaphor involving a "data village" and "angels." It solves at least three industry-wide problems: Problem 1: tech people and non-tech people must work together on IT systems, but have difficulty understanding each other. Problem 2: The tech learning curve is steep and filters out many who would thrive if they could learn tech. Problem 3: Existing IT systems access the database via "queries" that look through the data to get what is needed, but queries have inherent speed limitations. AngelBase replaces Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2. AngelBase will greatly empower programmers, users and executives, and is prayerfully intended to uplift humanity & reduce suffering. Please visit for details and watch our new 4.5-minute animated video!
Member count: 1-10