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Think Authenticity Think Angel Analysts About us Angel Analysts is a full-service market research company based out New Delhi NCR, India with a vision of delivering the authentic data & insights to our clients. We observed the gap between the demand for quality data & insights deliverables and actual delivery done by the some MR firms and took it as a challenge to help companies to get what they deserve by delivering authentic insights. Research Solutions:- ? Advertising Research ? Brand Research Business-to-Business Research Consumer Research ? Customer Satisfaction / VOC ? Emotional Measurement International Research ? Media Research ? Package Research ? Pricing Research ? Product Research ? Product Testing ? Promotion Research ? Public Opinion ? Recruiting Research We look forward to having you on board and change the way things were working, now expects the projects to be delivered on time and with utmost quality. Feel free to reach out to +91-120-410-3411 or else email us at
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