Secure Alexa and Google Home Client "Alexa...what time does Best Buy close?" "OK Google...does Target sell Samsung TVs?" These seem like simple questions that should deliver simple answers from your smart speaker. Although the voice from your Echo or Google device will indeed give you the simple answer you desire, the full results are anything but simple. Don't believe us? Ask your device some similar questions and then go to Amazon, Facebook, or Google. See anything familiar? With Amazon apparently in talks with major companies, including P&G and Clorox, regarding possible Alexa promotion options, we believe it will only get worse. That is why we are developing a software and application suite which runs on our own custom adapted smart speaker. Among these applications is an Alexa and Google Home client. Our users are able to use Alexa or Google Home securely and without encountering any ads. Need more utility? Alexa and Google Home can be bridged, enabling even more intelligent and faster query responses.

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