Google of Events Eventbook is mobile application that will help you discover and manage your events. As we may know, there are a lot of events out there, and there are various platform that helps promoting these events, such as Facebook, Eventbright, and Meetup. Our goal is BIG. We want to unify all these Event platform and create a google index of events. In other words, we wish to create a giant event network that connect and manage all the current events platform currently exist. We strongly believe under our execution, the app will became immensely viral. With that said, in our initial stage, our target customers will be business people - the group that is most interested in events management and will provide us with the most data. Currently, we have already cleared our first goal and created a facebook based application that allow user to manage facebook events as well as event discovery through friends. It will soon be available on Google Play Store, so stay tuned to the updates.