When's the last time hip-hop sounded like the first time? Andreas and his brand LNR (Love N Respect) is a indie hip-hop artist from NH who has nearly perfected todays hip-hop music w/o todays hip-hop stereotype. Despite growing up in inner-city areas of MA filled with poverty and violence being raised with discipline, respect and lessons by a single, father is why his music doesn't adhere to most hip-hop artist's norm. A long with music, Andreas has a merchandise store for fans which includes clothing, accessories and more. His performance, quality, production of music and the brand has the makings fit for commercial use that is matched with professionalism and image as well. Backed by catchy instrumentals, and a harmonious flow, the non profanity lyrics of the song is relatable to many of listeners who are key to an artist's success.Hip-hop isn't dead, it is just cluttered with topic repetition and degrading references and is effecting the youth. Which is why the changes Andreas offers, makes him perfect for the music industry.
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