Anan Computing
We don't generate logs, we generate action Anan Computing's ServiceDesk is a Service and Support SaaS offering allowing customers, typically an original equipment manufacturer, to provide automated proactive support. By leveraging field data we provide business intelligence, but more importantly take automatic and proactive moves on actionable issues. For example component failures can be detected and acted on (replacement parts dispatched), disk soft failures can be noticed and acted upon, performance issues can be detected and "tickets" opened, reboots are detected and parties can be notified, software failures can be seen and the upgrade alert or workaround notice delivered automatically to the end user. The Anan Computing "Service Desk" will be the preferred work space and home-page of the service professionals at our customers, providing them all the analytical tools, history and reporting, visualization, and ticketing they need to more than quadruple each service engineer's efficiency via reduced case load.
Member count: 1-10