Excel Based Operational Reporting and Automation Provide Operations Analytics and Intelligence support to firms who need complex Excel Based reporting with an assurance of Security of the information shared and they also benefit from the Excel based process automations thereby reducing man hours spent on manual tasks. My role in this start up is to build a client base to support them in doing Metrics Reporting and process automation (Using MS Products like Excel). We bring immense learnings from our past work and are able to deliver complex reporting requirements within days of request finalization. Highly complex reports can be delivered within one weeks time and a VBA based process automation can be developed and issued within 2 weeks of completing the requirement study The end result of our report/automation is that once delivered, if used in as is state, you will never need to rework on it again. (If data is manual in nature then the only activity would be to assign a person to load data to the report and that would be it)