Anak Bola Indonesia
ANAK BOLA INDONESIA ANAK BOLA INDONESIA (Indonesian Football Children) is the platform for Indonesian children to become world-class football player. There are multi-dimension problem for Indonesian children to reach it. E.g lack nutrition, poor education, low financial support, conflict of interest, less network, un-confidence etc. ANAK BOLA INDONESIA help Indonesian children to reach their dream to become world-class football player. Break the barriers, cross the borders and show the football skill to the world. Give them an easy tool to create their football player journey. Organize daily routine schedule in and off the pitch, Record football training, Create football games or follow the competition and record it. Share the record to the world through social network ANAK BOLA INDONESIA connect them with licensed coach to get 1 on 1 training modules, nutrition expert for daily consumption meals, insurance business and in-kind people which will help them to reach their dream
Member count: 1-10