Amplii is the easiest way for volunteer advocates to amplify and track messages about their favorite causes. Nonprofits, political initiatives, and other social impact organizations all use volunteers to spread their message. Yet these volunteer champions don't have any easy way to be effective - and that comes at a cost. Volunteers lose billions of dollars for their favorite causes because they lack the time, tools, and technology necessary to market these causes effectively and retain supporters. Amplii's modern web platform enables champions to create greater impact in less time. With Amplii, users can quickly generate, track and maintain hundreds of personal conversations about their favorite causes. Nonprofits leverage Amplii to understand their advocates' behavior as well as the broader networks they tap into on their behalf. Use Amplii to: MAKE CAUSE ADVOCACY A COLLABORATIVE, EASY, AND REWARDING EXPERIENCE ESTABLISH A DIRECT LINK WITH YOUR VOLUNTEER CHAMPIONS ENGAGE AND RETAIN SUPPORTERS YEAR-ROUND
Location: United States, Washington, Seattle
Member count: 1-10
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