Evangelism marketing platform Amplii will empower millions of nonprofit volunteer advocates, so called champions, to lead their social circles to action in support of the causes they love. Our SaaS solution solves a critical need for champions: combining a comprehensive dashboard of their advocacy activities with tools designed to organize and amplify their outreach. With Amplii, champions will more efficiently and effectively engage and motivate their friends to take action - at any scale. Nonprofits, political initiatives, and other social impact groups use volunteers to spread their message. Yet these volunteers don't have any easy way to be effective - and that comes at a cost. Volunteers lose billions for their favorite causes because they lack the time, tools, and technology necessary to market these causes effectively and keep their friends engaged. $241B+ is given by individuals to US nonprofits every year. Imagine the size of this pool if champions are adequately equipped to market their causes.
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