amplified ai
Giving inventors superpowers to solve the world?s biggest problems At Amplified AI, we are a rapidly growing team dedicated to changing the way the world innovates. Our mission is as important as it is audacious. Advances in science and technology are the only opportunity to solve many of society's greatest threats, such as access to clean water, climate change, and antibiotic resistance. We're not sending humans to Mars (yet), but we are enabling the people building that technology to get there faster. Guided by our core values, we push the boundaries of applied artificial intelligence to design creative solutions for systemic problems. For example, we created a map of the world?s patent knowledge in order to empower inventors, attorneys, and patent offices with more accurate insight into the state of the art in any given field. As a result, our customers benefit from dramatic increases in efficiency and society benefits from a fairer system that promotes innovation instead of litigation.
Member count: 11-50