REAL TIME CRIME TRACKING APP CALLED AMIGDALA My product is a mobile application called Amigdala that tracks and displays the last 2 months of reported crime. The app then provides crime ratings based on how safe your geographic location is. Crime Ratings range from Minimal (blue), Low (green), Moderate (yellow), Elevated (orange) to Severe (dark red). The safety rating is a unique algorithm based on the type of crime, the frequency of crimes in the area, how far away the crime occurred and how long ago the crime occurred. Crime Reporting allows the user to view crime details about crimes that have occurred nearby. The user can tap on the crime to get additional info such as date, time, location and description. The information will automatically update as the user moves around a city. Amigdala is currently only available in the United States. Amigdala also provides a map that displays crime info. The app launched on August 19, 2014 and is gaining new users everyday.