Southern Shine
High-Proof High-Quality Moonshine Liqueur Amendment 21 Moonshine consists of an 80 proof blend of all-natural flavors that comes in two varieties. We currently have Apple Pie and Peach Tea, and a new flavor which we may announce soon! We also sell a 5 times distilled unflavored moonshine, our Original 121, that is 121 proof (60.5% alcohol by volume), which is one of the strongest moonshines on the market. Our 121 proof moonshine is distilled from corn multiple times, but thanks to our trade secrets, we can create an ultra-smooth beverage that does not have the corn liquor aftertaste that some consumers tend to dislike. We have blended the authenticity of tradition, with the ingenuity of the American spirit, and the innovation of the modern age to pay homage to all those Americans who fought through the prohibition. Amendment 21 is handcrafted in small batches and polished and finished using our secret process to guarantee that we produce a spirit which is very clean and incredibly smooth.
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