Ambrosia Labs
A Different Type of Biotechnology Company, with Limitless Imagination Ambrosia Labs aims towards the valorization of biomass obtained from macroalgae and other marine organisms for the production of high added value products such as Anti-microbial, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory components, Cosmetics, Food Additives, Organic Fertilizers Industrial Enzymes and Marine Biosensors via their fractionation using both Biological and Thermochemical transformations. As a company, we offer a positive economic impact to the communities involved based on altruistic disposition to economic development. To fulfill our objectives we look beyond the obvious and use our "Limitless Imagination" to develop and distribute the most technologically advanced and cost efficient technologies in a myriad of industries. Our Technological Devices and Services include, but are not limited to Biotransformation of compounds, Software Development for Resource Management, Hardware Devices and Physical Sensors, Space and Ocean Technology.