amazev technology solutions
Revolutionary peer-to-peer Campus Marketplace and Team Making portal for students A Startup trying to build new culture in Higher Education Space. Helping students to connect with their peers in most easiest way for the purpose of buying, selling, exchanging of used stuff such as course books, study material, class notes, novels, electronics, course accessories (drafters, calculators), etc Not only this, our platform also helps college students to find their team or partner to work on their ideas, projects, short films ,ventures and events in their own college with a single post for free. "Our very foundation is unique. The concept of an in-campus marketplace is novel to the Indian higher education sphere. We?re trying to build a self-sustained sharing economy inside college campuses in India. Students will be able to fulfil most of their day-to-day and academic requirements by connecting with their peers with in their own campus. And as we like to state it, we?re not building a venture, we?re building a culture;? adds Co-Founder Susheel Rudroju.