Low-cost rainwater harvesting systems While the Amazon concentrates 12% of the world's surface freshwater, over 10 million people lack access to drinking water. Amana Katu is a social business that aims to solve this paradox by developing and selling low-cost rainwater collection systems to provide access to drinking water to low-income urban and riverside communities in the Amazon region and to reduce water waste in small-scale agriculture. Our home system is highly flexible and customer-friendly, and may be adapted to any environment. It costs about $86 USD to produce and is 52% cheaper than alternative products.The second product (development stage) is an innovative drip irrigation system linked to a hybrid rainwater collection kit that uses up to 95% less water than conventional irrigation technologies. The hybrid composition allows the system to identify when rainwater is scarce and automatically switch to groundwater, ensuring water supply even in months with less rain.
Member count: 1-10