Stoned Vibrations

New designs and features for rollingtrays, and other cannabis accessories Currently products sold in the market as rolling trays have the following features with little deviation in design and have the following elements: 1. Flat surface for preparing herbs with short edges 2. Limited to no storage space for essential items 3. Designed for indoor use Our current rolling-tray prototype in development addresses this need and provides a unique experience to our users that we have not seen before in current products The features that our product would bring to the user is 1. Ease of use when gathering herbs 2. Designed for outdoor use 3. Storage boxes for herbs and accessories Our Need We are looking for an investor who wants to work with us and act as a mentor an optionally as an active partner who can assist us with the following and other resources as needed. Secure design and utility patents For more information, and to arrange a meeting Please contact us by email or phone 707-704-0222 Thank you
Member count: 1-10