Wingman Dating Service Spending hours browsing through dating profiles, or swiping through hundreds of matches given to you, are inefficient and archaic dating paradigms. Here at Altum we have developed the first dating app that actually works, Ardent. Through state-of-the-art machine learning software Ardent is able to learn the physical characteristics of your ideal partner, and matches you with users whom you are physically attracted to and share common interests with. Furthermore, by parsing through the user's interests and events, Ardent suggests a "date spot" that both users enjoy frequenting. This allows users to feel safe meeting their date at a location determined by a third party. The premise is simple, you receive one curated match a day, a date spot is suggested, and you have three days to plan a date with him/her before she is removed from your contacts. This cutting edge service aims to bring back what dating services used to do...which is actually getting their users to go on dates.