AltaRock Energy, Inc.
AltaRock Energy, Inc., a leading renewable energy development company, focuses on the research and development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) and applications of EGS technology to improve existing geothermal power sites. Founded in 2007 by President and Chief Technology Officer, Susan Petty, AltaRock Energy holds a portfolio of patents for various EGS technologies and exclusive licenses for related intellectual property. AltaRock operates in two primary project arenas: EGS technologies research and development; and stimulation services, focused on improving existing geothermal well-fields. AltaRock’s current activities include the Newberry EGS Demonstration project in central Oregon, as well as several other proprietary field and R&D projects. The company makes regular contributions to the scientific community through publications, conferences and events in the US and abroad. For more information about AltaRock Energy, Inc., please visit our website at:
Location: United States, Seattle
Phone: +1 206-729-2400

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