Alpha Matchmaking
Premium Matchmaking app with a Philanthropic twist! WHAT HAPPENS If you are successful, cultured, intelligent and well traveled? Where do you meet someone with equal characteristics? Welcome to Alpha Premier. We offer a 24 hour concierge service which will plan the date, book the date, send you a car, your date a car, flowers, planes? We only allow 150 male members/ city, everyone is background checked, vetted including the women! We strive to encapsulate that Uber Alpha Experience. You don't have to a billionaire to have a highend service cater towards your needs and help you find love. But what if there was more to it, what if not only were you doing something for yourself, but you were also indirectly helping a family who has been devastated from a natural disaster or helping villages in Africa get clean drinking water? Welcome to Alpha Giving. Dating for a good cause. There is nothing more rewarding in this life than giving back to those who are less fortunate and revolutionize the way charity donations are given today.