Alpha Smart Systems
Full-size new generation anthropomorphic personal Robot ALPHABOT Weight 40 ? 90 kg; Height ? 1.60 meters; Standalone operation ? up to 8h; Moving Speed 4 ? 25 km/h (legs or mobile platform) Voice, face, objects recognition; Advanced audio and visual abilities; The naturalness of the movements; Voice and remote control. Reducing risks in the workplace; Reduced costs (no pay payroll taxes and other deductions); The increase in profit due to production of non-stop USE IN YOUR HOUSE To help with the cleaning; Help at the kitchen. Feed your pet; Guard your home. USE IN THE OFFICE Read and memorize text; Scan the text and save it to a filel; Scan documents and save them as images; Performing as a presenter at conferences OTHER AREAS: Hotels Restaurants Hospitals Malls Business Areas Airports