A Look At Media

Destination-specific travel programming for the airlines We have developed a first for the airline industry: ?destination-specific? video programs with a revenue share for the airline. We have a contract with American Airlines for fifteen major U.S. & European cities, and Eurowings (Lufthansa) for 8 major cities in Europe. Soon, all airline passengers on all these flights will be treated to a very high-quality, informative and interesting ?mini-movie? about the city they are visiting. The 30-minute HD program is available to all passengers, and is a blend of editorial content paid advertising, with an on-location host who guides the viewer around the city to its best restaurants, retailers, attractions, and other destinations. We have completed Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, and shooting in other major cities soon. Please visit our website at: alookat.com
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $2.5M