A Care-House for Occasional Wears ALMARI is a service that gives you the chance to store your occasional wears, business suits, premium garments etc, in a safe, secure and careful manner. ALMARI offers to house your outfits carefully by carrying out regular maintenance and make sure they?re delivered to you, exactly when you need them, in a ready-to-wear condition! ALMARI is a brain child of an 18 year FY Bcom student from Mithibai College, Leher Ali ALMARI?s concept is undoubtedly new, possibly even unheard of in India. Some might even balk at the idea of storing expensive clothes outside their own houses. But, Founder-CEO Leher asserts that there is a definite need for a service like this, especially in a city like Mumbai Its core proposition of ?Dress Tumhare, Space Hamari? has already wooed about a 100 customers, including men, who are willing to send their business suits, blazers and jackets to the startup?s ?carehouse? in Malad, Mumbai.
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