Home automation network What's - It's an home automation device that fits in your wall single gang box but can control up to 3 electronic devices. - It has a beautiful 4.3 inches color touch screen monitor. Yes, you can use it like your smartphone! - It has a temperature sensor so you can use it as a thermostat too. - can learn from your habits and automate some operation, like switch on lights when your return home. - It?s smart! Really smart! It can learn how much time your house need to reach your preferred temperature and automatically power on the heating only when necessary. Think about how much you can save. However, we know that energy saving is not all about heating (or cooling). For that reason each has the capability to measure the power consumption of each controlled device. will provide you with useful graphs of the consumption it measure, and will actively shut down devices (for example shutting down the lights at late night).
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