AlmaDom.us is an ambitious project that start from a simple observation: why common home automation is based on decades-old technologies? Smartphones have high computational capabilities, are easy to use and connected to everything via wireless. We want to apply those features to the home automation world. Pull out your smartphone from your pocket and you can see it by yourself: it is as big as a standard gang box, it can connect via wireless to the Internet and to other devices, and has the computational capability of a computer. However, the majority of domotics solutions on the market are based on a central unit (with closed hardware and software), which need to be connect via a wire to every device in the home. A bunch of features hard to install, since in already-existing houses is hard to add wires in the walls. From those premises grows the idea of AlmaDom.us. We trashed the concept of domotic installation, and applied the concept of domotic network. Every AlmaDom.us is a node of this network, wireless connected to each AlmaDom.us in the house, to the Internet, and to other devices (for example through the z-wave protocol). Has to be installed instead of the common switches: a very easy installation indeed, just need to connect the already existing wires to the relays. From the gang box, AlmaDom.us can control the electronic devices (lights, shutters or replace your thermostat).
Location: Italy
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +39 035 066 6135
Total raised: $565.852K
Founded date: 2015

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