On-demand delivery of fresh, locally sourced meals Allium is making it easier than ever to eat healthy. Too often workday lunch is a slow, heavy meal out, or food that's convenient but unhealthy, like pizza, Chinese, or whatever's in the nearest vending machine. After work, dinner isn't much better. You're too busy to shop, and too tired to cook. We all know we should be eating healthy. But until now, healthy food hasn't been convenient or quick. With Allium it's both. And delicious and filling. Allium allows you to easily order healthy meals online, and have them delivered to your door in minutes. By blending technology with wholesome local ingredients prepared fresh just for you, Allium provides a seamless process from order to delivery that makes it super simple to choose the healthy option, then get on with your day. Order when you're hungry. Eat what's healthy. Local. Fresh. On-demand. Allium. Soon serving Columbus, Ohio and beyond. Sign up now at alliumkitchen.com.
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