Short-term funding for commercial / industrial flips I have been buying heavily discounted and foreclosed properties for quite some time. I am highly successful with land and did home flips for 8 years. I've graduated to doing commercial / industrial spaces in Memphis. I'm looking for an investor or group that will put up to 70% or more into a commercial property to flip, lease or owner-finance. Tenant pays for all costs and improvements. I've been a Realtor for over 4 years and have a very successful owner-finance business for vacant land. I'm a turnkey system that can market, negotiate and move each of these deals. My average return, for my current 3 investors, is over 195%. The appraised value of these commercial flips is much higher than funds needed. I might need up to 150K on a building that has a current appraisal of 385K. I have a steady source of buying commercial and industrial properties well below market. I flip for quick cash-out or can set up long-term lease and owner-finance structures to pay off. Thanks.
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