Alliance Solution
we take care of your customers, so you can do your work Alliance solution is a contact/call center located in Honduras central america.we strive for providing a delightful customer service. CUSTOMER CARE We understand that your customer care is your best marketing strategy.WE provide you with highly trained agents that undergo extensive training focusing on core skills, computer skills, customer care and communication skills. EMAILS/CHAT MANAGEMENT. An online chat system provides immediate access to help and this can help your business cut expenses, increase your sales, tap into your customer pain and give you an edge of your competition.Our agents can help your maximize your customer's online experience. SALES/APPOINTMENT SETTINGS If you are looking to speed up the sales cycle, save the cost of operations and scalability according to the demands of your business aspirations and budget. We can provide you with a great group of agents that can learn the in and out of your business and maintain the personality of your brand.