Oregon's first premier retail cannabis shop & lounge Eugreen is an assembled team of professionals who are drawn together by a shared passion for cannabis entrepreneurship. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon, a 3 billion dollar market has just emerged and is waiting for entrepreneurs to take it by storm; that's were we come in. Eugreen will be a modern, clean and inspiring environment staffed by the most knowledgeable cannabis professionals in the Willamette Valley. In recent years, organic and natural foods have been gaining popularity in Oregon; our store will bring organic, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan options to enable people from all walks of life to enjoy are tasty cannabis treats which will be made in house. Our sister company AllGreens brings massive amounts of relations that Eugreen will capitalize on. We are prepared to put in all of the dirty work necessary in order to become Oregon's first marijuana mogul's.